“What’s up Fery? News for de Youths”: 5 good rea­sons to speak Eng­lish on Cap­tain Geo! Arrrrrrrrh.

20. 01. 26
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Hello Every­one, I am Ms. Despois, an Eng­lish teacher at Daniel Fery and I will give you 5 rea­sons why we can shame­lessly crash the Cap­tain Geo party!

1. We are cul­ti­vated and curious.

In our classes, gram­mar is a tool to help us dis­cover other cul­tures in the Eng­lish speak­ing world. We travel all the time. We might as well have solid Geo­graph­i­cal and His­tor­i­cal foundations.

2.We are proud of our productions.

We often speak in class, but our pro­duc­tions are not often recorded. We also work really hard on arti­cles and projects that are quickly for­got­ten. On Cap­tain Geo, we will have the oppor­tu­nity to hear and read our pro­duc­tions and maybe mon­i­tor our progression.


We will leave Daniel Fery some­day and it will be amaz­ing to hear our younger selves.

4. It’s fun.

The idea of “work­ing” for a blog is moti­vat­ing. We have to give our best to be fea­tured here.

5. We actu­ally can.

Mrs. Chauviré-​Deweerdt has kindly invited us on this well estab­lished edu­ca­tional blog, and even though we like the pirate idea, we are very wel­comed on this Fery ship, so why not make it happen?

Right! Grab “cuppa”, because we are going to sail all over the 5 Con­ti­nents. Are you ready? Let’s go!