Pronunciation game !

“What’s up Fery? News for de Youths”: 5 good reasons to speak English on Captain Geo! Arrrrrrrrh.



Hello Everyone, I am Ms. Despois, an English teacher at Daniel Fery and I will give you 5 reasons why we can shamelessly crash the Captain Geo party! 


1. We are cultivated and curious.

In our classes, grammar is a tool to help us discover other cultures in the English speaking world. We travel all the time. We might as well have solid Geographical and Historical foundations.


2.We are proud of our productions.

We often speak in class, but our productions are not often recorded. We also work really hard on articles and projects that are quickly forgotten. On Captain Geo, we will have the opportunity to hear and read our productions and maybe monitor our progression.


We will leave Daniel Fery someday and it will be amazing to hear our younger selves. 

4. It’s fun.

The idea of “working” for a blog is motivating. We have to give our best to be featured here. 


5. We actually can.

Mrs. Chauviré-Deweerdt has kindly invited us on this well established educational blog, and even though we like the pirate idea, we are very welcomed on this Fery ship, so why not make it happen?


Right! Grab “cuppa”, because we are going to sail all over the 5 Continents. Are you ready? Let’s go!